Scientific Areas

The main research directions of the Institute are development of scientific basics for conservation, reproduction and use of flora of Kazakhstan, formation and preservation of collections of living plants of natural and cultural, domestic and world flora.

The objective of activities is fundamental, applied and innovation researches in the field of botany and plant introduction, taking into account achievements of the world science.

To reach the goal, the following tasks are solved:

  • obtaining new knowledge about introduction of plants, flora, vegetation and plant resources, gene pool of plants;
  • development of scientific and technical support for implementation of new effective developments;
  • studying and generalizing achievements of the world science that are of socio-economic significance, as well as using these achievements in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • carrying out researches and scientific developments in the field of conservation, protection, reproduction and use of flora of Kazakhstan, as well as development of scientific foundations for the effective conservation and development of the resources of Kazakhstan's flora that are of world significance.

In accordance with the Convention on Biological Diversity, ratified by Kazakhstan, and the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, the priority areas of the Institute's basic researches are as follows:

  • Monitoring of the current state of botanical diversity in Kazakhstan.
  • Development of ecological basics for plant introduction.
  • Ensuring in-situ and ex-situ conservation and effective sustainable use of the gene pool of rare and endemic plant species.
  • Development of scientific foundations for sustainable and rational use of plant resources of Kazakhstan.

Priority areas of applied scientific researches are:

  • Preservation and development of collection funds of living plants of the state botanic gardens of Kazakhstan as a genetic potential to ensure development of the country
  • Preservation and development of herbarium plant funds as the basis of theoretical and applied researches.
  • Ensuring semi-industrial reproduction of particularly valuable species forms of woody plants for the development of green construction and solution of environmental problems.
  • Development of measures for phytomelioration of anthropogenic ecosystems.

RESEARCH ACTIVITIES (over the last 5 years)

"Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction" RSE of the Committee for Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been completing and is completing the following research topics:
 2006 -2008

1. "Introductory Enrichment of the Gene Pool of Botanic Gardens in Kazakhstan: Creation of Technologies for Introduction into Crops" (Sitpayeva G.T.)

2. "Scientific Foundations for the Balanced Use of Vegetation Cover and Plant Resources of the Southern Altai" (Ogar N.P.)

3. "Current State of Phyto-Mycobiota Species Diversity in Kazakhstan" (Kudabayeva G.M., Nam G.A.)
4. "Introduction of Plants in Central Kazakhstan" (Chekalin S.V.)
5. "Introduction of Plants in the Southern Balkhash Region" (Mukhitdinov A.S.)

2009 - 2011

1. "Preservation, Replenishment and Development of Collection Funds in the Main Botanic Garden of Kazakhstan" (Sitpayeva G.T.)
2. "Replenishment, Study and Preservation of the Collection Fund of Zhezkazgan Botanic Garden" (Ishmuratova M.Yu.).
3. "Conservation, Replenishment and Description of Herbarium Funds of Plants, Fungi and Lichens" (Kudabayeva G.M., Nam G.A.)

4. "Enrichment of the Species Diversity of Cultivated Plants with New Representatives of the World Flora and Development of Recommendations for In-Situ and Ex-Situ Conservation, Rational Use of Priority Components of the Species Diversity of Plants in Kazakhstan" (Sitpayeva G.T.)
5. "Regularities of the Spatial Distribution of Vegetation in Zaisan Depression" (Dimeyeva L.A.)
6. "Study of Population and Ontogenetic Features of High-Mountain Rare and Useful Plants of the Northern Tien-Shan for In-Situ and Ex-Situ Conservation of Their Gene Pool" (Kokoreva I.I.)

7. "Species Diversity and Taxonomy of the Higher Vascular Plants of Fungi and Algae in Kazakhstan (Lamiidae Sub-Clan, Farinose Dew Fungi, Diatoms)" (Kudabayeva G.M., Nam G.A.)

based on the priority: "Intellectual Potential of the Country".
based on the topics:
1. "Main Regularities of Functioning of Flower and Ornamental Plants of Open and Closed Soil for Commercialization in the Southeast of Kazakhstan" (Daulbayeva G.S., Uvarova Ye.I.)
2. "Key Botanic Territories of Kazakhstan: the Basis for Monitoring the State of Vegetation (Based on the Example of the Peri-North Tien Shan Botanic-Geographical Sub-Province)" (Kudabayeva G.M., Dimeyeva L.A.)

3. "Regularities of Sustainability of Invasive Plants in the Period of Global Climate Change" (Chekalin S.V.)
4. "Identification of Structural Regularities of Populations of Rare Endemic Plant Species of the Shu-Ilei Mountains (Northern Tien Shan) to Ensure Conservation of Their Gene Pool" (Kokoreva I.I.).
5. "Screening of the Natural Flora of Kazakhstan to Identify Availability of Plants with Officinal Properties and Development of Suggestions to Optimize Their Use" (Grudzinskaya L.M.)

6. "Screening of Kazakhstan’s Wild-Growing Cereals to Identify Resistance to Pathogenic Fungi as a Scientific Basis for Selection Work" (Nam G.A.)
7. "Restoration Potential of the Exploited Tangles of Cistanche Salsa (C. A. Mey) G. Beck) in the Southern Balkhash Area" (Gemedzhiyeva N.G.).

based on the priority: "Life Sciences"
based on the topics:
1. "Food Species of Onions of Natural Flora of Kazakhstan, Measures of Their Rational Use and Conservation" (Nurusheva A.M.)
2. "Antioxidant Activity of Fruits of Malus Sieversii Apple-Tree and Siberian Apricot Tree Cloned Kinds to Ensure Food Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (Mukanova G.S.)
3. "Genetic Modification of the Apricot Crops in Almaty Region: 1. Setting of Variety Testing of the Siberian Apricot Forms from Natural Populations of Kazakhstan, Fructification of Which is Stable to Recurrent Spring Cold" (Chekalin S.V.)

Innovation Projects:
1. "Creation of Exposition of Kazakhstan’s Flora in "Bogatel" Botanic Garden (France) and Collection Fund of Varietal European Ornamental Plants at the Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction of the Committee for Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Sitpayeva G.T.)
2. "Introduction of New Immune Varieties and Forms of Wild Apple Trees Highly Resistant to Scab for Juice Production" (Mukanova G.S.)

Program-Specific Financing
based on the priority: Life Sciences
scientific and technical program: "Botanic Diversity of Wild Congeners of Cultivated Plants of Kazakhstan as a Source for Enrichment and Conservation of the Gene Pool of Agrobiodiversity for the Implementation of the Food Program" (Sitpayeva G.T.)
In the direction of innovation-industrial development of Kazakhstan, "Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction" RSE of the Committee for Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan is involved in the implementation of the contractual project.

Within the framework of the Strategic Plan for the Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2050, an investment business project for processing and growing of licorice in the territory of Kyzylorda Oblast, developed by “BIS-GROUP” LLP (Kyzylorda, Director: Akhmetov R.D.), was approved by the Academic Board of the Institute in April 2013, and an agreement on long-term scientific cooperation was signed with "BIS-GROUP" LLP. Based on this agreement, the "Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction" RSE of the CfS of the MES of the RoK provides scientific support for the proposed business project in the following areas: advise on the industrial cultivation of licorice in the crops (scientific and methodological recommendations for growing licorice based on seed and vegetative methods in Kyzylorda Oblast); resource survey of wild licorice tangles, including field supervision over implementation of the recommendations of experts from the Institute for Licorice Extraction and Cultivation. In the future, it is possible to reduce the volume of exports or completely stop export of licorice outside the oblast and process raw materials in the region in places of licorice natural growth, which will ensure incomes from processing of this valuable officinal and technical raw materials to the state budget.