Branches of the Institute

Branches of the Institute

Zheskazgan Botanical Garden - Branch Office of the RSE on RBA “Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction” of CS MES of RK

Founded in: 1939

In 1939 there was established the Zheskazgan academic research base of KazFAN of USSR in the form of the experimental station, of which U.U. Uspanov became the chief executive officer (1939-1942). Later it was consecutively managed by Gorbachenko V.N. (1942-1946), Tscherbinin N.M. 1947-1949, Patakhov M.I. (1949-1954). In 1948 the Experimental Station was reorganized into the Zheskazgan academic research base of AS of KazSSR.

In connection with the resolution of the main objectives in the sphere of planting of greenery, plant cultivation the works at the research station were suspended in 1954-1956. In 1957 on the Initiative of K.I.Satpayev in the territory of the former academic research base there was organized the division of the Institute of Botany, which in 1966 was reorganized into the Zheskazgan Botanical Garden with the subordination to the Main Botanical Garden.

Director Nashenov Zhangozy Bolatovich – from 2013.

Main Focal Areas:

Study of the flora of the Central Kazakhstan;

identification of the distribution and raw material reserves of useful species of plants of the Central Kazakhstan; introduction of medicinal, aromatic, rare, vanishing plants of the local flora;

introduction of the floral and decorative plants in the conditions of the desert of the Central Kazakhstan, development of the assortment for the planting of greenery in settlement points of the Zheskazgan industrial region and introduction into the practical use;

introduction of species, cultivars, clones, fruit and vegetable  cultured plants, their cultivar assessment and introduction;

introduction of wood and shrub cultivated plants and their introduction into greenery cultivation practice in the territory of the Central and the Northern Kazakhstan;

exploration of physiological and anatomic and morphological properties of adaptation of plants of Central Kazakhstan to various soil and climatic conditions and in the event of impact of the factors of anthropogenic nature: creation of electronic database for the wild and cultivated species of plants of Central Kazakhstan.

Number of staff – 27 including 3 candidates of sciences, 4 MSc’s; 2 specialists with higher education.

Results of academic research for 2013-2017.

As of 2016, the collection funds of divisions of the Zheskazgan Botanical garden are made up of 1374 species, forms and cultivars of vascular plants from 95 families and 299 genuses, including: the collection of berry and fruit cultivated plants – 313 species, cultivars, cultivar clones and forms of fruit and berries of 5 families; collection of Kazakhstani and foreign flora is represented by 97 species from 29 families; the collection fund of floral and decorative plants is made up of 732 species, forms and cultivars of wood plants, perennials and annual grassy and greenhouse plants from 80 families; the dendrology division comprises 180 cultivars and forms of wood and shrub plants, belonging to 24 families; 52 species from 20 families are included into the collections of medicinal and aromatic plants.

The information on 1050 herbarium sheets from approximately 3500 available ones is included in the electronic database of ZBG.

The main fund of seeds of ZBG is formed at the expense of the seeds of own reproduction of floral, decorative, medicinal and essential oil plants, of the plants of local flora. The total number of seeds in the storages of ZBG is made up of the seeds of 615 species, forms and cultivars of floral and decorative plants of the open soil, and 121 species of the plants of the closed soil, 51 species of wood and shrub plants, 36 species of medicinal and 118 species of the local flora collection plants.

For the period from 2013-2015 the seed fund was greatly supplemented at the expense of the collections within the framework of the WRCP programme collection, the total of 792 samples of seeds of 158 species from 34 families collected in the territory of the Northern and Central Kazakhstan are stored in the seed storage of ZBS, including 72 samples of seeds of 40 species of WCRP of 2013 collection; 408 samples of seeds of 78 species of WCRP of 2014 collection, 312 samples of seeds of 121 species of WCRP of 2015 collection. The main mass of the collected seed material is represented by species of forage plants from Fabaceae, Poaceae, Chenopodiaceae families (over 80 %).

During the period from 2013-2017 ZBS performed research works within the framework of the programme targeted and grant financing, as well as on the basis of economic contractual obligations.

Programme and targeted financing:

1. “Ensuring preservation and development of live collection funds of plants of the Zheskazgan botanical garden (2012-2014), within which framework the activities were implemented, which were directed at the study, preservation and development of the collection of live plants of botanical garden.

2. “Wild Relatives of Cultured plants of Central Kazakhstan: identification of genetic reserves and the creation of the collection of seed material”, held in 2013-2015 there was performed, the research, directed at the identification of wild relatives of cultured plants (hereinafter – WCRP) within the limits of the western and eastern hillocky areas, the mountains of Ulytau, the Karkaraly mountain and forest range, the Turgay, Tobol-Ishim, Irtysh, Kokshetau floristic areas and the Betpak Dala desert.

3. “Sustained Management of Genetic Resources of State Botanical Gardens of the South-eastern and Central Kazakhstan – specially protected natural territories of republican importance- in condition of transmission to “green economy” (2015-2017), directed at ensuring the preservation and development of collection funds of live plants and herbarium collections, seed banks of plants of the Zheskazgan Botanical garden.

Grant Financing:

Within the framework of the project “Study of Indicators of Productivity of Modern Cultivars of Apple and of Pear of Domestic and Foreign Selection in the Arid Zone of Central Kazakhstan” (2012-2014) on the basis of a number of indicators, there was developed a list of fruit and berry cultivated plants, recommended for introduction into practical use in the Zheskazgan industrial region.

In the course of implementation of academic works on the topics of “Influence of Biomedicine, lowering the effect of solar impact, and processing with hot water on the quality of fruit of various Apple and pear cultivars during storage” (2014-2017). For the first time the modern technologies of storage of fruit in the conditions of Central Kazakhstan, were used, having allowed to substantially lower the loss of fruit and to preserve their quality during storage. “Ecological Assessment of contemporary immune cultivars of black currant in Central Kazakhstan” (2014-2017): For the first time in Central Kazakhstan a complex assessment of environmental resistance of cultivars of black currant was performed.

3. “Aspects of Adaptation of Plants of Various Life Forms and Selection of Species for the Urban Urbanized Ecosystem”.

The recommendations, the catalogue of plants, introduced into the assortment of acclimatized plants, and recommended for planting of greenery in the Zheskazgan region, which species are entered on the list of assortment and which may also be recommended for the planting of greenery in other regions with similar soil and climatic and ecological conditions. Publications of books in Kazakhstani publishing houses – “Foliant”, “NCNTI JSC”. Publication in high ranking academic journals.

Prospects of Development

The objective – the development of academic fundamentals of enriching the genetic pool of plants of Kazakhstan, its conservation in-situ and ex-situ; creation of technologies of introduction into the culture and the reproduction of plants, promising  for economic use and natural protection activities in conditions of Central Kazakhstan.

Implementation of the objective shall be ensured by attainment of the following objectives:

1) Acquiring the status of legal organization.

2) Development and introduction of academic fundamentals of effective use of floristic diversity of Central Kazakhstan and enriching the genetic pool of introduced plants.

3) Development of methods of preservation of rare and vanishing species of plants in conditions of Central Kazakhstan.

4) Green construction.

5) Monitoring of condition of vegetation of central Kazakhstan on the population, morphological and anatomic levels.

6) Expanding the number of staff, training of staff.

The following people were Directors of ZBS in various years:

Birzhanov Mukhambet Birzhanovich from 1960 to 1986

Ivlev Vladimir Iliyech – 1986

Dmitriyeva Tamara Georgiyevna – from 1987 to 7 May, 1992

Selivanova Klara Malikhovna – 8 May, 1992 to 21 February, 2008

Amanov Serzhan Bakhytovich 21 February, 2008 – 2009

Ishmuratova Margarita Yulayevna from 2009 to August 2012

Selivanova Klara Malikhovna September 2012 to March 2013.

Ili Botanical Garden - Branch Office of RSE on RBA “Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction” of RK CS MES

By the resolution No. 1 of the Presidium of KazFAS of USSR of 4 December, 1943 there was organized an Ili complex expedition. The main purpose of the expedition was the study of the basin of the Ili river.

By the Resolution of the Presidium of the KazFAS of USSR, dated 25 May, 1945, No. 15, the Institute of Botany was entrusted with organizing a stationary facility in the lower parts of the Ili river and on 13 July, 1946, at the session of the Presidium of AS of KazSSR there was considered and approved the matter of establishment of the stationary facility on the Ili River.

By Decision No. 84 of 4 July, 1946 of the Executive Committee of the Balkhash district Council of deputies of working class a plot with the area of 100 hectares was allocated for the Ili Stationary facility from the state land fund.

By Resolution of the Presidium of the AS of KazSSR dated 26 November, 1946 the Ili stationary complex facility was included into the composition of the Council of Branch Offices and Bases of AS of KazSSR, on the right of the base, as it was the complex academic and research institution, carrying out academic and research work for the study of natural wealth, economy and culture in this region.

In accordance with the Resolution No. 36, of the Presidium of AS of KazSSR of 2 March, 1954, the Ili Base was included into the structure of the Institute of Botany.

By Resolution No. 43 dated 23 May, 1958 of the Presidium of AS of KazSSR  the Ili experimental base of the Institute of Botany was renamed as the Ili academic division of the Institute of Botany with the area botanical garden.

In accordance with the Resolution of the General Meeting No. 5 of AS of KazSSR of 27 January, 1965, there was organized on the right of academic institution the Main Botanical Garden of AS of KazSSR. The former Ili division of the Institute of Botany was converted into the Ili branch of the Main Botanical garden.

Following the merger of the Institute of Botany and the Main Botanical garden (resolution No. 38 of 5 May, 1995 of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ili Branch becomes the Ili botanical garden on the right of the division of the Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction.

The Ili Botanical Garden was again converted into the branch office of the institute of Botany and Phytointroduction, by resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dated 5 July, 2000.

The academic profile of the Ili Botanical garden: introduction, acclimatization of foreign region prospective plants in conditions of the desert of South Near Balkhash region, testing and introduction into the cultivation, of promising aboriginal species.

The main objectives include: preservation in artificial conditions, of collections of live plants of the foreign regional and local flora, having a great scientific, economical and cultured value. The main objective of the performance of academic works was the enrichment of the cultivated flora of the South Near Balkhash region with promising species and cultivars of foreign regional plants, resistant to the severe soil and climatic conditions, as well as the inclusion into the cultivation, of useful wild plants of the local flora.

In collection funds of botanical garden there are 3097 plants, referred to 237 species, 151 genuses, 77 families.

The garden is divided into 5 collection areas. The wood and shrub plants area (86 species), the fruit area (over 20 cultivars and forms), the floral and decorative (over 40 species), of medicinal plants (45 species) and of local flora (over 30 species).

The total area of the garden is 52,7 hectares.

List of Directors:

1.   Demchenko Victor Nikolayevich - 1946-1969

2.   Ospanov Sagatbek Ospanovich - 1969-1974

3.   Ismagulov Kunanbay Ismagulovich - 1975-1985

4.   Khamitov Toktamys Abduakassovich - 1985-1987

5.   Nakanova Eleonora Galymzhanovna -1987-1995

6.    Issabayev Serik Oksikbayevich - from 1995.